xeroform petrolatum dressing gauze indications and uses



¿What is  xeroform petrolatum dressing gauze?

Xeroform gauze is a type of medical dressing and has ingredients finely wovens mesh medical gauze infused with a blend of petrolatum and 3% Bismuth Tribromophenate. It is used for open wounds such as lacerations, burns, new circumcisions, today is used for breast cancer after the surgery, and surgical incisions and skin grafts. This gauze is particularly useful as a dressing because it is non-adherent, meaning it won’t stick to wounds, and it has antiseptic and antibacterial qualities that help keep wounds from becoming infected. Xeroform  is a popular dressing because it is easy to uses and is effective in the management of many different types of open wounds.

Medical gauze dressings can be infused with a variety of substances to treat wounds. Plain dry gauze can easily stick to wounds, causing more trauma and pain to the patient when dressings are changed. Gauze saturated with a moist or wet ointment is normally used to maintain a healthy and hydrated wound bed so that wounds can heal effectively and dressings can be changed without causing unnecessary discomfort. One of the substances medical gauze can be saturated with is the petroleum-derived, gelatinous substance petrolatum, which can be blended with other substances to form ointments.

what not to do with Xeroform

You have been sent home with a bandage Xeroform (also called artificial skin) position. The gauze is a yellow band covering a skin graft . It was settled during the operation and will stay put to protect the wound while it heals . You can perform most normal activities with bandage on the wound.

During the first few days after surgery , could secrete some fluid from the wound Xeroform . This is norma
l . A heat lamp or a hair dryer can be used to dry Xeroform . The site of the skin graft remain until dry pain was taken . Take pain medications as prescribed.Xeroform

By healing your skin grafting , the gauze dressing appears crisp.

It can cause itching. 7 to 14 days after application of the dressing , starts at the edges . After removing the skin Xeroform appears pink or dark red with white flaky areas . Do not be alarmed . The pink color will disappear with time.


Home care when using Xeroform indications and uses

  • Follow your normal activities as tolerated.
  •  Bathe daily in the bath or shower.- Use a washcloth to wash Xeroform carefully. Do not rub.
    – Do not keep Xeroform underwater for over 10 minutes.
    – Dry and use a clean towel to dry with soft touches the Xeroform. If desired, uses a – hair dryer on cool to dry the kendall.
    – Rinse well.
  • Check the wound for signs of infection such as redness, swelling, discharge or odor.
  • When it starts to detach the Xeroform and wound begins to heal, cut loose edges. Use scissors have been cleaned with an alcohol       swab. Stop trimming if it is painful or if you start to bleed.
  • Apply a moisturizing cream or lotion on the areas where you have cut the banks of Xeroform.
  • Do not cover the xeroform cvs with other dressings. No need to worry that he is going to fall.

Monitoring visits

  •  Schedule an appointment as directed by our staff.


¿When to Call the Doctor?

  • Call your doctor immediately if any of the following symptoms:
    – Increased redness, swelling, or warmth in the skin around the wound
    – Fluid that accumulates under Xeroform
    – Bad smell coming from the wound
    – Fever above 100.5 ° F
    – Increased pain
    – chills
    – bleeding.

Now talk if Xeroform helps heal burns, many people write me mail and the web , which is why today speak if this is the right dressing for burns and not just for wound healing surgeries are has proven to be widely used for any type of superficial burns , considering very delicate when the burn is on the face as if he can not use this dressing is preferable to go to a doctor and he is the right person who will recommend the use and even tells you how to use and where to use it, but many comments from people who have been burned and have therefore chosen to use Xeroform gauze , and say the are recommending removing the heat immediately, for their components and ingredients of this xeroform kendall and is comprised of petrolatum and three percent of tribromophenate bismuth, which make a super gauze if one could say so, in conclusion and the best doctors who performed professional studies the response that if can use this gauze in burns is yes , if it is recommended to use it, for more information I leave some links below which you might be very useful.


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