as we use the xeroform gauze when we left the clinic

xeroform gauze : Usually when we enlisted in the clinic or clinic, we have to watch very well for our burns heal quickly and not infected by bad care that we give so in this case it is necessary to consider the appropriate use of xeroform kendall bandages to heal our burns quickly and not have complications nor infections.



Bathing When we do the following

*Our wounds or burns should be washed every day!

* If necessary , the pain medicine you can take 30 minutes before you start washing.

* Clean the tub , shower or container before and after use.

* Note Wash hands .

* Use any mild soap to prevent infection of wounds (such as Ivory or Dove ) and warm water.

* IF they stick the xeroform bandages, mójelas in the shower or under running water. Do not get soaked in the tub.

* Remove all creams , ointments and skin loose skin wounds. Scrub gently with a soft clean cloth and soap. Lather the soap and wipe it with rubbing in small circular motions .

* Rinse thoroughly . Shave daily until healed –

* If the beard or scalp was burned .

* Use a clean towel to pat dry.




* Drop it with clean hands .

* Echele a small amount of the drug Xeroform .

* You can also throw in the wound. All you need is a thin layer .

* Wrap xeroform .

* You can lie on the face and neck without gauze. Do not use near the eyes. In the area around the eyes pour in the ointment


Polymyxin Bacitracin Ophthalmic

Polymyxin Bacitracin Ophthalmic (skin around the eyes )

* Do not cover with gauze, bandages or any garment.

* It is not harmful to the eyes .

* You may need to use more during the day or at night to keep the wet burns.


gauze Xeroform

* xeroform dressing change frequency

* Often come folded in its envelope . Cut a piece that need and save the rest for the next day. Store in a bag resealable or Bacitracin pot .xeroform gauze

* Use only one layer in the wound. Will absorb any drainage .

* You can take the Bacitracin in the dressing and place it directly on the wound.

* Wrap with gauze after throw .

* The Adaptic and Cuticerin are transparent or white and Xeroform is yellow.

* Replace only once a day , unless much soiled or falls off .



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