Healing with xeroform dressing after surgery for cancer breast

The surgeries include breast mastectomy, breast cancer, breast lift, breast implants and breast reductions. If you as you had any xeroform dressing cancerbreast surgery , either cancer or because they wanted a breast lift after surgery your doctor will give you a list of things you should do to heal after the procedure, it is best to follow the foot of point because it always happens that when I get home neglect and then comes the contradictions and severe pain in the breasts , this time will try to specify to the indications you have to do to heal and heal surgery your breasts in detail further recommend that use a useful dressing that leaves no scar is called xeroform gauze.



1 – First of all stays in bed for the first few days after breast surgery. If you feel pain when you lift your head up and down here is where you have to take medication for the pain I have recommended you surgeon, supports the neck and head in a pillow having very gently and try not to touch the wound. Stay as still as possible and lie on your back gently.

. 2 – Change the dressing according to specific instructions from your doctor. Wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and water. Most likely it’s necessary to remove Xeroform dressing every few days to clean the wounds with soap and warm water, throw away the old and apply new dressings firmly and with great delicacy especially not to cause pain but not so hard to constrict breathing.

. 3 – Take it slow. Breast surgery takes on average two to three weeks for recovery and this should always keep in mind a good diet, eating foods like infectious: peppers , hot cream , as it delays the healing and wound healing . It is not unusual to feel pain for six weeks to two months after surgery , if the pain is too severe You must notify your doctor not self-medicate you remember that the doctor is the expert, not you.

4 – . Avoid strenuous activities such as heavy lifting and exercise. Rapid movements of the arms and walk in a car with bumpy pavement can remove the stitches and open wounds.

5 – . Visit your doctor regularly. It is very important that you keep all your follow-up appointments after surgery. You have to remove the sutures and in some cases eliminate drainage from your chest area, if you do not meet these quotes at risk of infection and slower healing time.



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